Performances counterfeiting

The countefeiting of actual air conditioners perfomance is a worrying phenomenon.

This is what the National Federation of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (ANIE, in Italy) has denounced. ANIE has taken several samples of cheap air conditioners that have been sold in supermarkets and specialized companies, and had them analyzed by IMQ, the Italian Institute of Brand Quality.

Tests performed by IMQ show a staggering difference between rated and actual performances about cooling capacity. The difference between the two performances is included between 20% and 60%.

The strong increase in demand for household air conditioners, has entailed the increase in a low-cost, technologically misleading and unreliable proposal. The companies responsible for this fraud are certainly to be condemned; but we wish to emphasize, if it were ever needed, the consumers immaturity in this field.

Be careful! Always ask yourself how it is possible that low-priced machines – also with installation costs included – can really compete with the performance of established quality models, which cost on average three times as much. Remember: you are the first line supervisors.

Who thinks that the insitutions must be the only ones to vigilate and to ensure the fairness of the companies and so the quality of their products is quite wrong. A consumer who persists in buying the classic “piece of junk” still clinging to the belief that he just made an amazing deal, is just as guilty and he is the first responsible for the phenomenon indeed.

It will be obvious to say, but nobody gives anything for nothing, now or in the past. Keep this in mind, if you will have the foresight to bring yourself a fresh summer.