Airclima can provide you with intelligent, totally invisible and modular air conditioning systems with a management system able to climatize different rooms with different temperatures.

The environments are therefore divided into independent zones, each one is equipped with digital thermostats that constantly analyze the temperature, and through an electronic circuit connected to motorized systems of nozzles, the air conditioner conveys the air only where necessary.

There are several advantages with a system like this, first of all a vary high comfort  because everyone can get his favorite climate.

Then, thanks to this kind of rational management of the system you can use a significantly lower total cooling capacity, allowing a significant reduction in power consumption, greater cost savings in management and respect for the environment.

The aesthetic is another very important factor: compared to a classic split system, the latter is much less invasive and harmonizing with any decor.

The Airclima design office is ready to provide both its private and business clients with free consulting services.